Dealing With Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is defined as a sexual disorder wherein a person engages in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behaviors despite increasing negative consequences to self and others. The sexually addicted person loses the ability to control sexual behaviors and instead indulges sexual fantasies and a near constant search for a sexual “fix”. It is a serious condition that interferes with the person’s social and marital life, deteriorating not only the life of the sexual addict but also the lives of the people around him or her. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way for the addict or those that love him or her. Recovery is possible and when the process is followed addicts can be predicted to recover. Trust can be placed in such a process when trusting in the words of the addict is no longer possible. People can and do get and stay sexually sober as long as they do the things they need to do so that they don’t do the things they don’t need to do. It’s that simple but not all that easy.

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Understanding Sexual Addiction

The desire to engage in sexual acts is a natural and normal human drive. When sexual fantasy and behavior becomes an obsession, that natural and normal drive becomes a pattern of out of control sexual behaviors that is referred to as sexual addiction. Also known as phenomenon in which individuals report being unable to manage their sexual behaviors and fantasies. It is a serious condition that often consumes the addicts self esteem, destroys marriages and partnerships, and leaves a trail of tears and destruction in its wake.

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Change Perspectives About Sex

Earth is so old. God made the sun, earth, the moon, and other planets. That´s what many of us believe. Now no one knows if that is the truth. Now this can also be denied by many anti-religious people. But something has made this world? Now lets take it to be God himself. Now God made everything that exists in world today. When it comes to evolution of the human race, we know talks are going to crop up about Adam and Eve.

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